Regular Council Session

  1. Invocation

  2. Old Business

    • Minutes- Approval of October 17, 2017 council meeting minutes
  3. New Business

    Ronald Jackson

    Approval of MOA between City of Butler and T.C. Development Authority.

    Resolution for USDA Community Facilities Loan/Grant for Breathing Apparatus’ (B.A.’s)

    Liquor Referendum Discussion

    Department Head Reports

  4. Executive Session – personnel

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Council Meeting

April 11, 2017



  • Mayor Barry Whitley
  • Deborah Williams
  • Glenn Harris
  • Amanzie Jenkins
  • Vicki Wainwright
  • Attorney Joel Sherlock


Media Present 

  • Taylor County News
  • Flint Cable TV


Invocation – Mayor Barry Whitley


Old Business:


Motion made by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins, seconded by Councilman Glenn Harris to approve the minutes of the March 14th, 2017 council meeting. Vote was unanimous.

New Business:

Mike Patel : Potential Business:

Mike Patel, owner of D&D Convenience Store, came before the Mayor and Council to inform them that he would like to open another business in the area of the intersection at 19/96.  He stated that Amanda Davis is with him tonight and would give the Council the information and let them know that he is trying to apply for a license.  Ms. Davis stated that she has been employed with D&D Pit Stop for 1 ½ years.  She said that she is representing Mr. Patel.  She presented the Mayor and Council with a plat that shows the potential site for the new business that Mr. Patel wishes to bring to Butler.  She stated that the building would be approximately 5000 sq. foot and would create 5 new jobs and bring in more revenue.  The business would be a package store.  She also presented a sheet with the revenue that the liquor store in neighboring Reynolds has generated for the past three years.  She stated that she feels that this business would be beneficial to the City of Butler by keeping tax dollars in Butler, bringing more jobs and another business to Butler.  She also pointed out the lot behind the package store, which Mr. Patel proposes to be either a restaurant, fast food restaurant or an entertainment facility.  Either way, that business would also bring more jobs and revenue into the City.

Mayor Whitley asked that the City Attorney explain the process that is needed to obtain a liquor license and be able to pour alcohol.  Mr. Sherlock explained that currently in Butler only beer and wine package sales are permitted.  He said that the County had a vote for liquor sales in 2008, but that vote did not pass.  He said that package liquor sales must be initiated by a petition by at least 35% of the registered voters in Butler.  He stated that the Council would need a petition brought to them that is signed by 35% of the voters and then the Council can call for a referendum to be sent to the Board of Elections to be placed on the ballet in November.  He said that for liquor by the drink does not require a petition, the Council can vote on it and bring the referendum on the ballot during the next election to be voted on by the voters of Butler.  If they do not pass, a two year wait is required before it can be on the ballot again.  If it does pass, an ordinance will be drafted and it becomes law 15 days after it is certified by the State.  Home Law states that the City can go outside of the County restrictions.  Reynolds has already done so.  He also said that at this time the City of Butler has no permitting in place due to the fact that it is against the law at this time to sale or serve liquor.

Mayor Whitley stated that the next step would be to get a petition started if they wish to proceed.  He asked if Mr. Patel had to get the petition started, and was told that any registered voter can do so.  Mr. Sherlock said that the first step would be to get the data on the registered voters from the Board of Elections.  Ms. Wainwright asked what the time frame is to get the referendum on the November ballet, and Mr. Sherlock said that within the next two months should be fine.  Mayor Whitley said that with the way the County is moving forward with the development at the by-pass he feels that it is something that the City really needs to consider.  He feels that more businesses may come and that it does generate a lot of tax, which is something that the City needs.  He said that the City of Butler needs new revenue so that they will not have to increase property taxes.

Hotel/Motel Tax:

Attorney Sherlock stated that currently the City of Butler does not have a Hotel/Motel Tax Ordinance.  He said that the City needs a resolution adopting a new ordinance for the governing rules and excise tax for hotels.  He also said that hotels are only zoned for C-1 areas.  He said he would need the Council to tell him to proceed with this, as it will take a little time.

A motion to for the Attorney to proceed with the resolution and ordinance regarding a hotel/motel tax was made by Councilwoman Deborah Williams and a 2nd was issued by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins.  The vote was unanimous. (Mayor Pro-Tem Guinn and Councilman Gassett were absent)

LAS Hay Contract:

Public Works David Windham said that the City only received one bid for the hay contract this year.  The bid was from Zack Posey, Jr. of Reynolds and was for $10.00 per bale.  Mr. Windham recommended to the Mayor and Council that they accept the bid from Mr. Posey.  A motion to accept the bid of $10.00 per bale from Mr. Posey was made by Councilman Glenn Harris and a 2nd was issued by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins.  The vote was unanimous.


City Clerk Vicki Wainwright asked the Council for a vote on the web-site upgrade that she had presented to the Mayor and Council last month.  She stated that the City needs an up to date website that is mobile-friendly.  She told the Council that SPLOST funds are available to pay the $6000.00 for the new site.  A motion was made by Councilman Glenn Harris and a 2nd was issued by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins.  The vote was unanimous.

Facility Dude Work Order Software:

Public Works Director David Windham said that a meeting had been held the prior week in order for the Council to view the webinar showcasing the Facility Dude Software.  Mayor Whitley, Mayor Pro-Tem Guinn and Council Gassett were in attendance.  Mr. Windham said that the software is needed by the City in order to accurately keep up with the locations of repairs or problem areas that are not in the area of current physical addresses (residences).  The current work order system has to be tied to an address, but if the work is being done in the middle of a street the current work order software must be tied to the closest address, which is not an accurate site.  He said that this data is crucial when applying for grants.  The software has the capability to GPS the location of the work, have pictures of the work added to the work order and also can be done out in the field via a mobile device and transmitted to the office and vice-versa.  He said this is a buildable platform that allows layers to be added to map our addresses, hydrants, street signs, street lights, water meters, man-holes, etc., and is GIS friendly.  He said that the start-up cost has been pro-rated since we are starting this project in the middle of the year, and includes on-site training.  The start-up cost is $13,162.92 and has an annual renewal fee of $6,875. He said that it is a cloud based program so the City will not have to store this on the server.  He asked for approval from the Council to proceed with this program.  He said that this is a capital improvement and can be paid for with SPLOST funds.  A motion to proceed with Facility Dude and pay for it with SPLOST Funds was made by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins and a 2nd was made by Councilwoman Deborah Williams.  The vote was unanimous.

Proclamation for Municipal Clerk’s Week:

Mayor Whitley read the Proclamation naming the week of May 7-13, 2017 as Municipal Clerk’s Week in appreciation for the City of Butler’s Clerk Vicki Wainwright and all Municipal Clerks for the vital services that they perform and their exemplary dedication to the communities that they represent.

Department Head Reports:

Public Works Director David Windham said that the joint Supplemental LMIG project is expected to begin within the next week or so.  This includes the intersection of Oak and Mulberry Streets and some signage in that area as well.  The GEFA contract documents have been signed by all parties involved and at this time materials are being ordered for that project.  He said that Attorney Sherlock is working on acquiring a piece of property needed for this project at this time.  He said that the City had two major weather event in the last week and was lucky, as the weather went around the area for the most part.  He thanked everyone that worked together and attended the weather briefings and got together and made some tough decisions to be in the best interest of everyone.  He said that it is an honor to be able to sit down together and try to make the best decisions for the County as a whole.  This includes the School Board, Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, City of Butler, City of Reynolds, Flint EMC and Public Service Telephone just to name a few.

He announced that the City of Butler will be implementing RapidCast, a communication notification system, that will allow the City to send out mass emails, text messages, and phone calls to alert the public of weather events, closings, water main breaks, etc.  He said that at this time the City is trying to obtain the data (current contact info) of its customers.

He also said that some time ago the City had been awarded $300,000 from GDOT for the intersection at 19/96.  The City has just found out that they have to complete a special LMIG application to receive these funds and Engineer Rick Saunders is working on that now.  The Development Authority is actually working on the project at the intersection but the funds can not be given to the Development Authority from GDOT.  He said he feels sure that an intergovernmental agreement between the City and the Development Authority will be needed once those funds are received.

He reminded everyone that the offices of the City of Butler will be closed on Friday, April 14th for Good Friday.

Assistant Chief Ed McCrary informed the Mayor and Council that the Butler Police Department had 232 incidents last month.  He said that 100 of those calls were traffic stops with 79 citations being written.  There were 33 domestic calls, 3 registration checks, 8 assist motorist calls, 3 burglary/theft calls, 12 alarm calls, and 8 accidents.

He said that on Saturday, April 8th Taylor County High School had their prom and it was a success without any incidents.  He said that when Chief Towns comes back he looks for them to come up with a plan to better help with the crowd control and parking during that event.  He announced that the Butler Police Department will be helping with the Easter Egg Drop on Saturday, April 15th at the Butler Airport.  He said the event starts at 10:00 AM and should be over around 12:30 PM.

Councilwoman Deborah Williams asked Assistant Chief McCrary if the City has a fine in place for tampering and/or stealing street and road signs.  She said that signs are missing and she would like the police to look in to it and have something put in the paper regarding this.  He told her that he will check into it and make sure his officers are keeping an eye out and to look for any missing signs.

Fire Administrator Eddie Moulton said that the Fire Department ran 21 calls last month.  There were 5 vehicle accidents, 5 alarms, 3 structure fires, 6 woodland fires, 1 bomb threat, and 1 powerline down.  There were two fatalities.  Fire hydrant testing will be going on in the month of April.  The Butler Fire Department will have 8 people testing for Fire Fighter 1 classification on Tuesday, April 18th.


A motion was made to enter in to Executive Session to discuss a legal matter by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins and a 2nd was issued by Councilwoman Deborah Williams.  The vote was unanimous.


A motion to adjourn from the April 11, 2017 meeting was made by Councilman Amanzie Jenkins and a 2nd was made by Councilwoman Deborah Williams.  The vote was unanimous.


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